Benjamin ARMADA (Regulated) SEMI-AUTO Review + Accuracy Test / .22 cal PCP Air Rifle nor 2022

The Benjamin Armada has for years been Benjamins flagship tactical PCP air rifle. Now for 2022 Benjamin has released the Armada in a Regulated Semi Automatic verison! This Armada Semi-Auto review video will give you an up close look at this outstanding tactical PCP air rifle as well as showcase the accuracy that is possible with the right ammo. This Semi Auto Armada PCP rifle is in stock now at Pyramyd Air by clicking here:

Semi Auto Regulated Marauder video:

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The World’s Most Powerful Semi-Auto Air Rifle!! (No Background Check)

The 9mm/357 AEA Terminator is the World’s Most Powerful Production Semi-Auto Air Rifle.

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AEA Precision SF Standard (Semi Auto+Bolt Action) Dual Action PCP Air Rifle Review

The AEA SF Series is a first in the PCP air rifle industry. The SF Series of PCP rifles offer both bolt action and semi auto operation of the same rifle! This AEA SF Standard review video will give you an up close look at this revolutionary design just released in 2023 from AEA Precision.

The AEA SF Series is available in Compact, Standard, and Sniper versions at The Pellet Shop by clicking here: (in .22, .25, and .30 caliber).

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6 minute Review: Hatsan Invader Semi-auto PCP air rifle

In this video I start my series of 6 minute airgun reviews with the Hatsan Semi-Auto Invader PCP air rifle. This is a powerful .22 hunting air rifle, that has the potential to be just what I’ve been looking for to hunt jackrabbit in the upcoming season!

I’ve tried a few SA air rifles for this application, but very few have offered what I’m looking for: accuracy, power, shootability and RELIABILITY! Let’s see how the Invader measures up!